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What is the differece between the USM and the USM-L?

InVision USM Universal Studio Mount
For microphones measuring 18‑55mm (width) and weighing 400‑750g.
Maximum horizontal weight 500g.
Maximum vertical weight 750g.

InVision USML
For microphones measuring 18‑55mm and weighing 0‑400g.
Maximum horizontal weight 250g.
Maximum vertical weight 400g.

USM-L Shock mount by Rycote

  • Universal microphone shock-mount by Rycote for mics between 18 and 55 mm in diameter, and from 250 to 750 grams in weight.

    See the average weights of the Feather mics in the details to determine which shock mount you should get.

    Main Benefits:
    Fits any large-diaphragm recording microphone with a diameter between 18 and 55mm
    USM offers up to 12dB better isolation against unwanted vibrations

FEATHER Microphones

  • YouTube Round
  • Soundcloud  Round
  • Google+ Black Round
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