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Where did this mic come from?

The body

The body is made of various wood species or a composite voidless wood composite. The stock used to make the composite comes from birch veneer processed in the U.S.. The other woods come from mostly North and Central America.It is purchased as raw timber, trimmed to billet and cured for anywhere from 3 months to 2+ years. Some pieces are still curing after 2 years.Maybe next year, one of you will be using it in your studio.

The guts.

The chassis for the ribbon motor and the base are machined in Seattle from US sourced alloy.


The magnets are custom made and currently come from California.


The ribbon material comes from Japan and occasionally Italy.


The screws all come from US manufacturers.


The transformer comes from our friends at Cinemag in California.


XLR connector comes from Switchcraft.


The 304 stainless steel screens come from U.S. mills.


The Case

Having been dissapointed by the cases microphones often come in, I wanted to make sure the case represented the investment made in the microphone. Every microphone comes with an extremely durrable, watertight case.

We actually went through a series of drop tests to make sure the microphone would stay protected. If you have children, then you know they can destroy pretty much anything. The Kids really enjoyed assisting with the testing (mostly the 3rd floor balcony tests). We selected S3 out of California as our case manufacturer because we felt that they had superior latches and the manual vent required for traveling and shipping.

FEATHER Microphones

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