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Red Head (Cocobolo wood)
450 - 500 grams
2"wide x 6"tall
1.8 micron ribbon tuned to 18.5-20KhZ. Flat to 5db between 200hZ and 17KhZ
built to order. 1.2 or 1.8 micron ribbon. 1:35 or 1:28 transformers available.

Finished by buffing the natural oils within the wood to bring out a natural high gloss finish. Optional satin finish available with UV protection if requested by email prior to purchase.
These microphones are limited in production due to the naturally occurring sensitizers in this wood and the very long cure times. The entire shop has to be masked off during machining and finishing to keep the wood dust under control. Don't worry, in it's finished form, it is totally safe. There are currently only 4 bodies that will be available in 2023.


  • The Red Head (Cocobolo) is our premier microphone body. It has wonderful tone to compliment nearly any recording. The entire chassis is precision milled to accept our standard transducer with Cinemag transformer. it does not dampen internal resonance as fast as the Black Beauty or the Blond (Ash), but gives a real dose of wood character to the mids and highs.The upper mids and highs are emphasized by the nature of this tone wood and helps to cut through the mix when you want to hear the details of mid and upper registers. Horn players and sopranos love this mic. It should also be mentioned that ribbons respond extremely well to additive EQ, but you can't add to it if it didn't get picked up by the mic.
    All of our mics come with a robust waterproof case and microfiber sock. Don't forget to pick out a shockmount!

    These microphones are made with natural materials and grain patterns will vary from mic to mic.

    Balanced pairs are available while supplies last for an additional $125. Includes a larger watertight case.

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