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Feather mics have a fairly hot output as it is, while the Fethead may not be necessary for increasing the output, it can really help out with noise floor issues if you are not recording in a well treated room. It is also great for any passive mic!

It is a great problem solver that should be in every studio!
FetHead is a low-noise, high quality, in-line microphone preamplifier. It provides improved sound for Ribbon and Dynamic microphones. The electronics are housed in a robust metal chassis with a balanced 3-pole female XLR input and a balanced 3-pole male XLR output, rugged enough for use at home, in the studio or on tour.

Triton Audio Fethead

  • High-end in-line microphone preamp. Absolutely GREAT for passive Mics !

    - Low noise Class A JFet amplifier

    - 20dB amplification

    - Lots of headroom

    - freq. response 10Hz - 100 kHz (+/- 1dB)

    - Z-in 22kOhm

    - 18-48 V phantom power

FEATHER Microphones

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